Truth. Freedom. Justice.

Seventy-two extraordinary pious men sacrificed their lives in Karbala, for preserving the values of humanity. We take inspiration from their courage to spread the message of freedom, truth, and justice for all of humanity.

On the tenth day of Mohurrum, known as Ashura, the Universe was observing the character of Hussain Ibn Ali. It was waiting in anticipation of the outcome of the battle of truth versus falsehood. However, Hussain stood honest to his heart and laid down the last drop of his blood but did not budge or give in to the evil.

It is hence that fourteen hundred years later, too, the world remembers the spirit of Hussain and his loyal companions. They have ignited and kept alive the flames of humanity forever, with their blood and courage.

We dedicate this website to the lives of those martyrs and the invaluable life lessons we can learn from them. We try to bring out the various philosophies of these pious men to help one's soul reach the pinnacle of spirituality and excellence.